Naomi aims to create a space that is welcoming and nurturing, a place where students of all abilities can feel comfortable to engage with their bodies in the holistic practice of Hatha Yoga. The classes are designed to build strength and flexibility as well as incorporating slow, fluid sequences in which movement and breath are linked. As a result of fully engaging with the body through Yoga, taking notice of all that is there to be felt, the mind can settle and be still. Naomi offers a light hearted approach to the yoga asanas, encouraging each student to practice in a way that is beneficial to them. Having completed a Certificate of Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Spirit Studios (2015)  and 100 hours of Advanced training in the method of Embodied Flow (2016), Naomi is excited about sharing what she has learnt with others and facilitating a joyful and positive connection between people and their bodies to promote a sense of well being and contentment. 

Hatha Yoga is an ever-evolving practice with roots in traditional Indian culture. Naomi's style of teaching is informed by modern anatomy and physiology and influenced by the pedagogy of the highly respected teacher Donna Farhi. Yoga is intrinsically a holistic practice, not just an exercise modality. By including asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation, we are seeking to bring about balance of body and mind. Practicing yoga is also an opportunity to regain a sense of connectedness with ourselves as well as the world around us. Yoga can be challenging but ultimately it should be joyful.