Come Prepared

What to wear:

Please wear comfortable clothes in which you can easily move. Avoid clothing with lots of buttons, zips and detailing as these can be uncomfortable in certain postures. 

What to eat:

It is best not to eat a heavy meal for at least 2 hours before class. A light snack up to an hour before class is fine for most people. 

What to bring:

Please bring water and, when its hot, a small  towel. We provide mats but you are most welcome to bring along your own.  At this stage we only accept cash payment (unless you have a 12 hour pass) so please remember to bring cash with you to the studio.  

What to remember:

 Remember that you come to class to connect with your own practice, not someone else’s, so be mindful not to compare yourself to others. In light of this, please always practice in a way that feels safe and appropriate for you and your body. This studio is a neutral, criticism free space for you to explore your body-mind-spirit connection. 

Most classes have a maximum of 10 places, so please reserve your place by booking online here